"Dan, Dan, Dan. Whoever said this was just a game? Every single battle is real."
—Masquerade reveals the truth about Bakugan to Dan

Masquerade is a major antagonist in the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime series. A servant of Naga and working closely with the mysterious Hal-G, he brawls using the Darkus attribute and has Darkus Alpha Hydranoid for a Guardian Bakugan. His goal is to send all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension while making his Hydranoid the Ultimate Bakugan.


Bakugan Battle BrawlersEdit


"That's it! You're really starting to get on my nerves, Dan! You may think you have a chance to beat me, but up 'til now, you've just been plain lucky! You're constantly getting in my way, Dan, and my patience is at an end! You are a thorn in my side, and I have had enough of you! But that all stops here and now! I'm going to destroy you! Do you hear me Dan?!"
—Masquerade, ready to battle Dan until the end

Masquerade is a cold and ruthless brawler intent on sending all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. He is notorious for his dirty and even dangerous play on the battlefield, as well as for an equally dangerous level of cunning. Masquerade is skilled at manipulating the minds of the innocent into doing his bidding. He only takes orders from Naga and considers himself to be a level above everyone else. His overconfidence and anger are his greatest weaknesses, something demonstrated perfectly during Masquerade's final battle with Dan Kuso, where Dan triggers Masquerade's anger and uses it against him in order to obtain victory. It is because of this loss that Masquerade has a change of heart, realizing he has a lot of thinking to do and even becoming Dan's ally. Prior to his defeat at Dan's hand, Masquearde was known to delight in mercilessly displaying his superior power over an opponent's during battle.

Identity and relationship to Alice GehabichEdit

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"Would you be so arrogant if you knew I used to be the brawler Masquerade?"
—Alice to Shadow Prove during their brawl in Bakugan New Vestroia

Before the main events of Bakugan Battle Brawlers took place, Alice Gehabich visited her grandfather, Dr. Michael, who had recently completed an interdimensional transporter. Negative energy from the Silent Core flowed out into the human world through the transporter when Naga attempted to take the core's power and was instead absorbed into it, thus producing Masquerade.

Masquerade acted as a parasitic being, residing within Alice and taking over her physical form and personality whenever she put his trademark mask on. After time spent as Masquerade, Alice would have no memory of recent events, proving the fact that her enigmatic alter-ego had complete control over her body while Alice wore the mask produced by the Silent Core's negative energy. Becoming Masquerade was not something within Alice's control, as it was Masquerade's influences from within her that caused her to put on the mask that transformed her (Masquerade usually triggered this urge in Alice to become him whenever she was on her own or hidden from any witnesses), and it was through Masquerade's own will that he took the mask off to become Alice again. Alice always felt weak after this process. Masquerade himself viewed Alice as weak, as seen when Exedra creates an illusion of Alice to battle Masquerade in the Doom Dimension.

Because Masquerade was a separate identity who gained physical form whenever Alice wore a mask, he gained his own reputation as a brawler, one who was feared and despised for dirty play and revered for his skill overall. He was able to use Alice's connections to the Battle Brawlers to his advantage, knowing exactly where the Brawlers were and what they were doing at all times. Because of this, it was mere child's play for Masquerade to send those he was manipulating after the Brawlers in an effort to destroy them and their Bakugan.

Masquerade remained in control of Alice until his final brawl with Dan Kuso. After this climatic event, he almost joined the Battle Brawlers but chose to remove his mask in front of them, instead. Thus, his true identity as Alice was revealed. Alice was just as shocked by the revelation that she had been Masquerade all along as the other Brawlers were, and she held herself personally responsible for the terrible things her alter-ego had done. An appearance from Hal-G helped restore some of Alice's memory regarding her history with her alter-ego, and despite her friends' acceptance and forgiveness, Alice distanced herself from them and swore never to become Masquerade again.

Alice encountered Klaus Von Hertzon for the first time since she abandoned her identity as Masquerade, and when she told him that she had been the masked being that manipulated him and sent his recently returned Sirenoid to the Doom Dimension, Klaus challenged her to a brawl against her will in order to exact revenge against Masquerade. Alice was scared and afraid during the brawl, not putting up a fight out of fear that Masquerade would control her again. Throughout the battle, Klaus continued to taunt her, as did Sirenoid, both of them referring to her as Masquerade. In the end, Klaus was victorious and it was revealed that the entire brawl was an attempt to teach Alice a lesson, particularly that everything and everyone must work together in order to create perfect harmony. This ultimately refers to the fact that Alice must go back to her friends.

Severely weakened after a battle with the hybrid Bakugan Centorrior and Druman in Vestroia, Dan Kuso tells his Guardian Bakugan Drago that he wishes "he", referring to Masquerade, was still there to help them. Back on Earth, Alice hears this and decides she must become Masquerade to help Dan. She does so and travels to Vestroia, where Masquerade, now on Dan's side, helped Dan and Drago battle Centorrior and Druman with his Alpha Hydranoid. Once the two hybrids were defeated, Masquerade conversed with Alice in the girl's mind that she no longer needed him. Despite the fact that Alice felt otherwise, her alter-ego gave her his Alpha Hydranoid and faded out of existence along with his mask.

Masquerade helped Alice become a braver and more confident brawler, and she proved she could do things her own way (merciful and fair) rather than her alter-ego's (cruel, merciless displays of superior power to that of an opponent's) during the battle with Rabeeder. As Klaus was present during this battle to assist Alice, he learned a valuable lesson when he witnessed her spare Rabeeder's life.

Alice never let go of this level of confidence and bravery that Masquerade helped her acheive, and she used this to her advantage one year after she was revealed to be Masquerade in the first place during a battle with Shadow Prove of the Vexos, against whom she used Alpha Hydranoid.


Masquerade is an enigmatic entity who conceals a majority of his face, save for his nose and mouth, in a mask. This mask consists of two opaque, blue lenses with a black rim that extends around the back of his head (this extension disappears when the mask is not being worn). Masquerade's hair is long, blond, and spiked.

His body has the physical appearance of a fourteen year-old boy's (since Alice is 14 years old in Bakugan Battle Brawlers), granted it is more feminine in appearance near the waist. When Masquerade reverts to the form of Alice after he takes off his mask, his hair lengthens and darkens in coloration. It then falls over his shoulders, by which point Alice has regained her natural appearance.

Masquerade wears a cape-like white cloak with short sleeves that is buttoned from the chest upwards and unbuttoned from the chest downwards. A blue short-sleeved shirt can be seen underneath the cloak, and Masquerade also wears silver shoulderpads that are only visible when the cloak has been completely removed. He is adorned with long pants that are purple in coloration. Three loosely-fitted dark brown belts decorated with circular and square-shaped metal buckles wrap around Masquerade's thin waist. His black boots have small heels on the bottom (a possible second physical hint towards his true identity as Alice). Masquerade lastly wears red and black gloves that extend up to his forearms while leaving his fingers bare.

Special abilitiesEdit

Masquerade, despite being a mere human, had some level of special abilities. Aside from an almost unsurpassable skill in battle, he was able to teleport to any place in the world at will using a special transporter card, which had the appearance of an ordinary Gate Card but had the properties of Michael Gehabich's interdimensional transporter. Masquerade also was notorious for being the only brawler to possess and use the Doom Card (those who were manipulated by him only possessed a Doom Card because he gave one to them), a card played at the beginning of battle that caused all opponent Bakugan defeated in battle to go to the Doom Dimension.

Masquerade seemed capable of defying gravity, something he was seen doing in Dan's dream (which was truly reality) in which Masquerade invites Dan to a battle in Dan's room and Dan sees him standing on the ceiling. Masquerade could use Darkus power to summon Hydranoid to his hand before battle, and he was also very agile. This is proven by the fact that he was able to land on both feet after a jump from a tall object such as a tree, move at impressively fast speeds, and land perfectly on the ground after reappearing in mid-air after using his transporter card.



Masquerade was once a top-ranked Bakugan brawler and number one in the entire world. He only lost a grand total of three battles, two of which were against uneven odds while the last was an all-out battle to the end between himself and his rival Dan Kuso. A list of Masquerade's battles, their outcomes, and the Bakugan he used during them can be found below:

Opponent(s) Outcome Bakugan used
Runo Misaki Win Darkus Reaper
Dan Kuso Draw Darkus Reaper
Tatsuya Win Darkus Siege
Darkus Centipoid
Jenny and Jewls Win Unknown
Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami Lose Darkus Laserman
Darkus Hydranoid
Darkus Reaper
Julio Santana Win Unknown
Chan Lee Win Darkus Hydranoid
Komba O'Charlie Win Darkus Hydranoid
Billy Gilbert Win Darkus Hydranoid
Klaus Von Hertzon Win Darkus Laserman
Darkus Hydranoid
Dan Kuso Win Darkus Dual Hydranoid
Shun Kazami Win Unknown
Runo Misaki Win Unknown
Marucho Marukura Win Unknown
Julie Makimoto Win Unknown
Joe Brown Lose Darkus Dual Hydranoid
Darkus Laserman
Darkus Wormquake
Illusionary Alice Gehabich Win Darkus Siege
Darkus Mantris
Darkus Dual Hydranoid
Dan Kuso Lose Darkus Alpha Hydranoid
Druman and Centorrior Win Darkus Alpha Hydranoid